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In the 1st Century Jesus (Yeshua) brought the light to the world. For those with ears to hear and eyes to see, explore the true messianic faith.

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2 days ago

4 / Chapters (4 different Programs) of Biblical Teachings
Solace Radio
00:00:00 The Secrets of Revelation00:46:14 Glasses Do Not Equal Vision01:15:29 The Mystery of Babylon01:48:27 Justice 

Friday May 26, 2023

  Prophecies of the Prophets Revealed  00:00:00
  History Repeats Itself  01:03:27     How Then Shall We Live 01:48:53      "Sodom and Gomorrah pt 1"    02:29:44

Friday May 19, 2023

From Bush to Clinton to Obama, we have come to the brink of WW3. Prophecy in Revelation, Daniel, plus more. Today you must make a choice. Who will rise up to be the antichrist, the false messiah. Find out the answer in this week episode.

Monday May 15, 2023

In Revelation, Zechariah, even Genesis. God reveals the prophecy of the End Times. The Greater Exodus that we are facing today, the current wilderness we are in today and even the nations that will, put us in the wilderness. Share this episode, your salvation depends on it.  
00:00:00  The Next Economic Collapse00:59:12 The Good The Bad and The Delivered 01:37:13 The Moses That Hollywood Forgot Part 5-6

Friday May 12, 2023

Enjoy our latest teachings from Solace Radio
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00:00:00 "The Warning" In The Song Of Moses
01:03:39 Heart Of Worship
01:37:36 The Coming End Times

Monday May 08, 2023

A New Feature - is Available on Biblical Teachings From The Torah And The Bible
00:00:00 The War Scroll Pt 3
01:09:34 Genesis (Bereshit) Pt 4
02:02:50 Basics Of Our Faith Pt 2
02:56:04 The Feud

Wednesday May 03, 2023

In Revelation Yeshua forewarns of The Final Stand between the Light of Jesus/Yeshua and the darkness of Satan. For some the prophecy maybe coming true today. For many it's hard to fathom it's happening at all. In this episode we look at all the things which must come to pass before the Tribulation and the return of Yeshua. The lies, deceit, the false prophets. The Final Stand has begun. 
Solace Radio

Friday Apr 28, 2023

Have a Blessed Shabbat
00:00:00 SNL Ba'al is (Hiding in Plain Sight)00:53:21 A Shabbat Walk Thru the Scriptures01:43:40 All Dogs Go to Heaven
Solace Radio

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

Enjoy your day of rest with the family, loved ones, and your congregations. Shalom (Peace) on This Shabbat.
00:00:00 Brandt Brawer -  Mystery Of The Olives-The High Priests-And The Vine00:34:21 Neil Surasky - Something's Different01:24:15 Amon Shor - No Food, No Water, No Banks02:19:28 Daniel Botkin - The True Judges03:10:38 Jacob Rosenberg - Fresh Wind and Fire War and The Wilderness04:00:32 Steven Feldman - We Need To Make Choices04:53:32 Marty Waldman - The People's Party05:45:57 Steven Ger - Moses and Hollywood06:45:10 Steve Fenchel - Revelation Conflict

Monday Apr 17, 2023

May your week be Blessed by Adonai/Yeshua/God/Jesus. May the Wings of Adonai cover your family, children co-workers and your congregation. Have A wonderful week.
00:00:00 (Decoding) The Book Of Revelation part 100:42:27  Solace Radio (Who We Are)00: 49:20 Daniel 5 Prophecy Even though you KNEW (Living in Babylon)01:25:28 The Prophecies 0f Job
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